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1. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE’S HAIR THAT YOU LOVE, ASK HER WHERE SHE GOES. I think this works better for color than for cut. Also, look up GOOGLE reviews and search online for the best in your area for what you specifically want.


2. BOOK ENOUGH TIME, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE TRYING A NEW SALON. Book an extra 15 minutes, so you have enough time to talk about your expectations and share your ideas. The last thing you want is to take up a good portion of your scheduled appointment talking, and then the colorist has to hurry through the service. Oh, and for that same reason, don’t be late! If you are new, show up early and book a consultation first, prior to the appointment our the day of. Stylist are only allowed X amount of time to do a service. We book by appointment and need to stick to the schedule. The more we talk at the time of the service, is less time spent on your hair.


3. BRING A PHOTO OF HAIR YOU LOVE, WHETHER IT’S OF YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE. I’ve found Pinterest to be the best place to find hair inspos. I’ve spent a fair amount of time finding the perfect blonde lob. The most important thing here is to be realistic. Look for someone with similar color, texture, hair type, etc. Otherwise, you will probably be disappointed. 


4. TELL HER WHAT YOU DON’T WANT.  Just as important as finding photos of hair you love is knowing what you DON’T love. The second you sit in that chair, let her know that you didn’t want your hair to be warm. It just doesn’t work with your skin tone. And remember, warm tones are inevitable when going lighter. Hair does NOT lift ASH. EVER and NEVER WILL. Understand its a color wheel situation and is your situation. What we have to work with is what we have to work with. If you have used box color or have gone darker or red, this is not a turn key solution or quick fix. It will require multiple visits and can be pricey. Color is a PROCESS that must go through each step.If you don’t like warm, then the maintenance level will be much more and so will the ticket cost. Toning out warm tones takes time and product and money. As does the maintenance of upkeep, you may need to be in more often and use special color pigmented shampoo and conditioner.

5. ASK FOR PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS. You’re sitting in the expert’s chair, so you might as well take advantage and get some good hair intel. 🙂 Good hair products equals good hair. It’s exactly like going out in the sun and NOT wearing sunscreen. 

6INVEST IN GOOD PRODUCTS. Its also like not using good quality products on your hair to buying suede boots and standing outside in the rain. You’ve taken the time to find a stylist/colorist and you’ve spent money on your hair, now it’s time to protect in your investment and the crown you wear everyday.Don’t have the mindset that stylist “just want to sell you something”…they don’t just want you to, they NEED you to in order for it to look and feel the same as it did at the time of your service.

blonde hair

2019 Summer Hair Trends

6 Summer Hair Colour Trends To Know For 2019

Wait until you see the coffee-inspired hue.

Summer Hair Colour Trends 2019
Dying your hair lighter for summer is nothing new but, at the same time, it also never gets old.
There’s something about the change in the weather that makes us want to hit ‘refresh’ on our strands. And with the warmer months fast-approaching, you’re likely starting to contemplate a fresh new colour to take with you to your next hair appointment.
Going lighter, however, isn’t your only option for summer 2019. From ice blonde to rose gold and oh-so-cool cold brew brunette, we round up the chicest summer hair colour trends for the season ahead.
(Is it winter where you are? Try these shades, perfect for the cooler months.)

How to curl your hair with a T-SHIRT!

How to Achieve Platinum Ice Blonde Hair

How to achieve Jessy Mendiola's platinum ice blonde hair for summer

by Nikko Tuazon posted on

IMAGE @iamantoniopapa / @pattyyap on Instagram

ABS-CBN actress Jessy Mendiola debuted on Instagram her platinum ice blonde hair color last April 3, Wednesday.

Jessy Mendiola surprised her Instagram followers last April 3, Wednesday, with a brand new look.

The 26-year-old Kapamilya actress dyed her hair blonde for the first time, and styled it in a short bob.

Many of her followers, including beauty queens Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, loved Jessy's new look and left comments on her Instagram post.

Now the burning questions are: What exactly is shade of her new hair? How is it achieved? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got in touch with her go-to hairstylist Antonio Papa, who detailed Jessy's hair transformation.  

The color is a toss-up between platinum ice blonde and ash blonde.

Antonio said, "So instead of going to just blonde, I told her that we can also do some platinum ice blonde and ash blonde to spice up the look.

"And it ended up looking great.

"She looks young and fresh like she's a new person."

He explained, "Basically bleaching your hair will actually take time and should be handled by professional only.

"So with Jessy, we bleached her hair 5 times, and mind you, if you bleach you hair this much, it might damage your hair especially if your hair strands are thin like Jessy's.

"So after bleaching, comes the actual process of hair coloring."

Jessy had her hair dyed at Antionio's salon in Bulacan.

"Hairstyle by Antonio Papa is my newly opened hair salon located in Balagtas, Bulacan.

"You can check us out on Facebook and instagram @hairstylebyantoniopapa."


Bleaching strips the hair of its natural oils, and weakens the cuticle scales. Hence, so as not to damage Jessy's hair, Antonio used hair masks after every process.


He told, "We already know that bleaching can damage hair so we use Lakme's i.Plex to protect Jessy's hair.

"I love this product because it deeply repairs and protects the hair, and it prolongs in-salon treatments.

"We use this in between and after the treatment so your hair is protected, safe, and will look healthy and natural after the process."

The hairstylist also stressed the importance of using the right products—especially shampoo and conditioner—after the bleaching process.

He said, "Most Filipinos have thick black hair, but basically taking care of your hair is a must for everyone especially now that it's summer.

"Choosing the right hair product depending on the texture of your hair is the key.

"Humidity will make you sweat so you'd probably will be washing your hair daily, so I suggest you should use gentle shampoo and conditioner that also protect your hair color from UV rays to prevent it from fading."

He said, "You can also put some overnight serum to maintain the moisture of your hair."


The celebrity hairstylist said it was the actress' preference to go blonde.

"Actually this is all Jessy's vision. I'm just a fairy godmother that made it all come true.

"But of course, we also consider if there will be conflicts with this look on her current projects or any upcoming, since there is none as of the moment then that's when we decided to give it a go.

"So, whenever she shows me a peg for a hairstyle, I always tell her how we can make it look more fresh and new, and with her approval then that would be the time for me to do the magic."


Why You Should Always Get Your Hair Colored Professionally

a woman with long red hairWhile it may be tempting to save money by purchasing a box of hair color from the drug store, many find that it is not worth the cheaper price tag. Paying to have your hair colored professionally means a better quality color without the hassle. If you are still having doubts, check out the following reasons you should go with professional salon services over at-home box colors.

Hair color should be customized for each person

When it comes to hair color, one size does not fit all. To achieve the color you want, your formula must be customized; this is why professional stylists consider several factors when providing you with a proper color service. Such factors include your skin tone, your hair’s natural color level, its porosity, the percentage of grayness (if any), and any previous artificial colors that may still be in your hair.

Professional hair color is healthier

If you check the ingredients on your box of hair color, you will likely notice metallic salts. This ingredient is associated with damage and could make the color more unpredictable. Professional hair color in Charlotte, NC, is much healthier, providing both color and shine (and eliminating the guessing games).

You will have the freedom to change

Trying to change or remove artificial hair color is timely, cost consuming, and you will likely do some damage to your hair. A colorist can use healthier, easier to remove color which is just as permanent.

Three Things to Know Before Getting a Keratin Treatment

a brunette woman with straight hairHave you ever thought about the amount of time you would save if you did not have to flat-iron your hair every day? With a professional keratin treatment in Charlotte, NC, you can have silky locks that are maintenance free – even if yours are naturally coarse, curly or textured. If you are considering one of these treatments, read on for some essential things to know before heading to the salon.

The first three days are crucial

A keratin treatment will still be working its magic within the first three days following your appointment. Avoid getting your hair wet at all costs, tying it up, or using bobby pins. Doing so can cause kinks and bends to form in the hair.

Don’t use products with sulfates

Sulfates are harsh lathering chemicals and will dissolve keratin in no time. Stick with sulfate-free shampoos to help make your keratin treatment last as long as possible.

Not all keratin treatments are the same

Many treatments on the market use keratin as its smoothing ingredient, but they still differ based on the other chemicals they may include (the most notable being formaldehyde). Be sure to do your research and speak with your stylist about what treatment will suit your hair best.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You

African American woman with flowing hairDying your hair can be a fantastic way to change up your appearance and feel like a new person. With such a vast array of colors out there to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which shade you think would look the best. One simple way to help determine the shade of brown, blond, or red that works for you is using your skin tone as a guide.

Finding Your Skin’s Undertones

Understanding your skin tone can benefit you in a variety of ways, such as finding colors that look the best on you, determining your perfect foundation shade, and choosing the best hair color in Charlotte, NC. Most people fall into one of three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

To determine which category you fall within, look for specific colors in your skin. Cool tones tend to have pink and olive undertones, whereas warm toned skin appears more yellow or gold. If you see a mix of these colors, you are most likely neutral toned.

You can also check your wrist, as you will be able to easily see the various colors on your skin in that area. Your veins are also a great indicator of your skin tone. If they appear blue or purple, you are most likely cool toned. If your veins are green, your skin is warmer.

When selecting a hair color that will be flattering to your complexion, you will want to pick a shade that is opposite of your skin’s undertones. Warmer tones will want to choose cooler hair color, and cooler tones should opt for something warmer. If you have neutral undertones, you are in luck, because nearly any shade should look fabulous!

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