How TO Do A Classic Men's Fade Haircut

Check out this great video

How To Blow Dry Long Hair

Ever wander how the hair salon gets your hair so perfectly silky and smooth and shiny with tons of volume and bounce? Besides having a skilled hair dresser you also need the right products for your hair type and climate to achieve the looks they send you out of the salon with. Eufora International is our exclusive all natural haircare line that offers superior performance and an affordable price point.

How to nail a bob blow dry style

Bob haircuts are not only the most precise haircut to do, the blowdry style can make or break the cut. Here, Josh at Salon M2 Charlotte is carefully and strategically with Eufora producta creating a seamless and perfect blowdry for the bob haircut. 

Blonding & Hair Extensions

Check out this great video snip of one of our blonde hair color and extensions specialists, Dayana Bravo. Here you can see model Taylor go through a fall dimensional haircolor transition into a summer blonde. Why? She wanted long hair extensions and we needed to get to an "end hair goal" and highlighting  multiple times prior was needed  to correct old in order to get her hair to the clear and healthy blonde.  Not all hair color happens in one appointment as much as we wish it did. 

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