Try This Fall Hair-Routine

Try This Fall Hair-Routine

Try This Fall Hair-Routine


The weather isn’t the only thing that changes when a new season arrives. Now that Fall is fully in swing, it’s time to update your hair routine. Cooler weather can bring a lot of change to your hair, so we recommend following these tips to ensure your hair remains healthy all season long.

  1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

If you don’t have colored hair, trying a clarifying shampoo is the perfect way to rid your hair of damage from the summer season. During the summer you can build up a lot of different products on your scalp, such as sunscreen or salt sprays. A good clarifying shampoo can help strip your hair of all this nasty buildup and help you start off the Fall season the right way with fresh hair.

  1. Double Up on the Moisture

We all know that when the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time to start doubling up on our moisturizer. The same rule applies to your hair. Cooler weather zaps your hair of all its moisture. We recommend using an intense moisturizer and deep conditioning treatment often to keep your hair moist and beautiful during Fall.

  1. Go a Shade Darker

When Fall comes it’s time to say good-bye to the bleach out summer looks! Try greeting Fall with a big color change by switching it up and going a shade darker. We recommend going for a deep burgundy or vibrant red color. Darker and richer browns, reds, and burgundies are popular during Fall because they are the perfect complement to the gorgeous colors in nature.

  1. Add Some Volume

Cool weather can kill the natural volume of your hair. To ensure your hair remains voluminous this Fall, try using an intense volume product. We recommend a volume product that will help keep your roots lifted and also give new life to each hair strand.

  1. Go All Natural

One way to ensure your locks remain healthy this Fall is to use products that have natural ingredients. Some products can strip your hair of all the healthy oils and leave your hair damaged. Using products with natural ingredients ensures that your hair remains healthy from your roots to your ends. That’s why the Salon M2 prides themselves on using natural products for each client.

If you want to keep luxurious, healthy hair this Fall try giving Salon M2 a try. We are dedicated to the citizens of Charlotte and to providing you with award winning hair designs, as well as luxury product lines. We place an emphasis on environmentally friendly and sustainable services, which is what makes us one of the most unique salons in the business. Please contact one of our two salons in Charlotte, Ballantyne at 980-939-1983 or Midtown at 704-334-1007. Ask us how we can help you keep healthy, happy hair all season long with our environmentally friendly products and high-quality services.

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